The Lynx Wellness Assessment

We coordinate individualized health assessments that surpass the limitations of traditional annual exams, offering a roadmap to a longer, healthier life.

Beyond the traditional annual exam

The most comprehensive advanced screening, tailored to your unique needs.
Access the latest early detection technologies and take control of your health

Unlock the power of personalized testing

Your unique biology dictates our focus

Based on your age and medical history, we create a unique combination of advanced tests to understand your health like never before
Access the world of precision testing with Lynx

Early detection of heart disease, cancer, and deep longevity insights to protect your health

The Lynx Executive Wellness Exam

Easily convertible into a concierge membership program

Instead of just taking one quick snapshot, we can provide 365 days of wellness, which makes the Lynx Wellness Exam different from the standard programs offered to executives.

Prevention at its finest

Our once-a-year preventive and wellness exam is a comprehensive screening focused on prevention that creates the blueprint for an entire year of health and well-being wellness.

This program helps us recruit and retain talent. We are thrilled to offer it. It is a great feature we offer our executives

—Ernesto Lopez

AHS Residential

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