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Dr. Joseph Lamelas
Cardiac Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. Lamelas is considered an expert and pioneer in the most advanced forms of minimally invasive cardiac surgery. He is board certified in cardiac and thoracic surgery and has received board certification in surgery and surgical critical care.
He consistently achieves one of the lowest morbidity and mortality rates in the State of Florida, as well as in the nation, gaining the attention of surgeons and patients from around the globe.
Dr. Lamelas completed his general surgery residency at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York, and his cardiovascular and thoracic surgery residency at The State University of New York Health Science Center in Brooklyn, New York.
Dr. Lamelas has performed more than 16,000 cardiac operations – more than 7,000 of which have employed a minimally invasive approach - throughout his career, which began in 1990.
Because of his extensive experience, Dr. Lamelas has played an instrumental role in the design and development of new and innovative techniques, concepts, and products for advancing the field of minimally invasive cardiac surgery.
Dr. Lamelas pioneered the "Miami Method” a minimally invasive valve repair and replacement approach that has been documented to benefit patients.
Minimally invasive cardiac surgery results in less physical pain and trauma, less blood loss, reduced risk of infection, shorter hospital stays, quicker recuperation, and better long-term outcomes than more traditional cardiac surgical procedures. In addition, research conducted by Dr. Lamelas demonstrates high-risk patients – including the elderly, obese, those with chronic lung diseases, such as COPD, and kidney disease – who are too frail for traditional open-chest operations are better able to withstand a minimally invasive cardiac surgery.
Dr. Lamelas is fluent in both English and Spanish.


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