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Third Rock MD

An Acute Concierge Care subscription provides around-the-clock access to board-certified emergency medicine physicians for telemedical acute/emergency care for clients, their families, and your organization for both physical and mental health issues. ThirdRockMD’s relationships with a global network of providers means we can provide timely assistance in triage, diagnosis and treatment decisions, and develop a plan for continuity of care wherever a client or team is traveling.

Mental health support includes emergency crisis management, de-escalation and critical incident stress debriefing as well as in-the-moment and scheduled access to trained emergency mental health professionals for any members of the organization covered by the subscription.

As specialty emergency medicine providers, we complement and liaise with other concierge-based practices, serving as trusted resources and advocates for our clients in emergency situations. The goal is to support them in the delivery of comprehensive, white-glove, evidence-based care to their patients.

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