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Neurocognitive Consultants

Types of Evaluation

Several types of evaluations are offered by Neurocognitive Consultants in order to understand an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and make an accurate diagnosis.

Developmental Evaluation provides a thorough understanding of a child’s early developmental status and milestone acquisition in order to define areas or conditions in need of attention or services.

An Autism Screening aids families with regular developmental surveillance as well as confirmation of pervasive developmental delays to aid in the treatment of Autism Spectrum and Disorders (ASD).

Gifted Testing identifies students eligible for gifted and talented programs and provides feedback to guide the educational process.

Psychoeducational Evaluation analyzes the mental processes underlying a child’s academic performance, such as attentional difficulties or learning disabilities.

Psychodiagnostic Evaluation identifies the presence of disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Thought Disorder, or Personality Issues.

Neuropsychological Evaluation investigates an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning, specifically related to intellectual abilities, speed of mental processing, attention/concentration, planning and organizational abilities, language processing, learning and memory, sensory-perceptual functions, visuospatial processing, adaptive functioning, and motor speed, strength, and coordination.

Disability Evaluation determines the severity of an individual’s impairment(s) and assesses whether their impairment(s) results in marked or severe functional limitations.

Forensic Evaluation evaluates parties in criminal or civil cases regarding mental health issues related to their case.

Through the use of developmental, intellectual, academic/educational, psychological, and neuropsychological assessments, Neurocognitive Consultants can offer a variety of diagnostic services for all ages.


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