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Miami VIP Surgery – Reza Keshavarzi, MD, FACS

Who wants to take 6-12 months jumping through hoops to qualify for bariatric surgery, and after all of that be told that you don’t qualify? Instead, Dr. Keshavarzi who is the founder and lead surgeon of Surgical Associates of South Florida, LLC has developed Easy-Step Sleeve Program™ (ESSP) to address this common problem. Easy-Step Sleeve Program™ is the signature protocol written and developed by Dr. Keshavarzi. This program is designed to make the process of sleeve gastrectomy surgery an easy one.

We will take you through treatment from start to finish in 3 weeks without having to jump through insurance hoops. ESSP™ is designed to expedite the entire pre-operative process of bariatric surgery. The major benefit of the ESSP™ is undergoing bariatric surgery much faster than if you had used your insurance.


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Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States
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